Collection: Teak Storage

Our teak storage category offers our beautiful teak storage box, our teak side board and two sizes of our teak storage floor shelves. Even our teak storage floor shelves have a great flow-through design for freshness while maintaining neatness in an open design. Also, check our latest additions of teak cabinets with marble on top, console table and bar cart. We have added these new styles and latest designs to make your home look luxurious and classy.

Our Teak is recognized internationally for manufacturing the world's finest and most durable Teak Chaise Loungers. All of our teak chaises and pool loungers are precision engineered for a lifetime of use in high end, luxury environments. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial and marine use. The craftsmanship of Teak chaise lounge chairs is a favorite for residential or commercial applications. Teak wood makes any of our teak lounge chair selections the most durable for an outdoor seating even left untreated and weathered.