Collection: Shower Benches

Teak Wood is highly sought out for spa and shower benches for one reason: Durability. Teak wood has a naturally occurring rubber and oil content which resists water and decay, even while untreated. Teak Shower Stools, Seats and Benches are all precision engineered, waterproof and are suitable for residential, commercial and marine environments.

Our Teak is recognized internationally for manufacturing the world's finest and most durable Teak Chaise Loungers. All of our teak chaises and pool loungers are precision engineered for a lifetime of use in high end, luxury environments. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial and marine use. The craftsmanship of Teak chaise lounge chairs is a favorite for residential or commercial applications. Teak wood makes any of our teak lounge chair selections the most durable for an outdoor seating even left untreated and weathered.